REAL ESTATE PURCHASE CONTRACT This is a legally binding Real Estate Purchase Contract REPC. Utah law requires real estate licensees to use this form. Buyer and Seller however may agree to alter or delete its provisions or to use a different form. If you desire legal or tax advice consult your attorney or tax advisor. OFFER TO PURCHASE AND EARNEST MONEY DEPOSIT On this day of 20 Offer Reference Date Buyer offers to purchase from Seller the Property described below and delivers to the...
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Who needs a Utah Real Estate Purchase and Contract Form?

According to Utah law, real estate licensees must use this form to acknowledge the transaction of the real property from its owner (Seller) to another person (Buyer).

What is the Utah Real Estate Purchase and Contract Form for?

The Utah Real Estate Purchase and Contract is a legally binding agreement about sale and purchase of real property between two parties - Buyer and Seller. This Contract outlines terms and conditions, rights and obligations of the parties, and all the other provisions relevant to the deal.

Is the Utah Real Estate Purchase and Contract Form accompanied by other forms?

The seller is obligated to provide a number of documents, labeled “Seller Disclosures”, to the buyer:

  • a written property condition disclosure for the Property, completed, signed and dated by Seller;
  • a Commitment for Title Insurance
  • a copy of any restrictive covenants (CC&R’s), rules and regulations affecting the Property;
  • a copy of the most recent minutes, budget and financial statement for the homeowners’ association, if any;
  • a copy of any lease, rental, and property management agreements affecting the Property not expiring prior to Closing;
  • evidence of any water rights and/or water shares
  • a written notice of any claims and/or conditions known to Seller relating to environmental problems and building or zoning code violations;

Other documents can also be provided with the seller’s consent if the buyer considers it necessary.

When is the Utah Real Estate Purchase and Contract Form due?

There isn’t a specific deadline for completing the contract; it normally depends on the particular situation and the consent of both parties. As a rule, it is signed sometime in advance for the seller to leave the property and for the buyer to weigh the decision and get prepared for the move-in. Therefore, the transaction’s closing date is discussed and agreed on by the parties to the contract individually.

How do I fill out Utah Real Estate Purchase and Contract Form?

The form is filled out by the real property licensee and it states the following information:

  • the buyer’s and seller’s details
  • information about the property
  • price and financing
  • closing and possession date
  • insurance
  • contract deadlines
  • offer and time for acceptance

Where do I send Utah Real Estate Purchase and Contract Form?

The form is completed and kept by the parties and realtors involved in the deal.

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We've had a request that's fairly popular to do a webinar showing agents how to fill out real estate purchase contract obviously this would apply mostly to newer agents but even some experienced agents out there I see mistakes that they're making because rather than getting in and reading the Contra details of the actual purchase contract they are going off of past knowledge when the forms have actually changed and so their past knowledge is out-of-date and they need to stay current so here's a simple little video for you guys about how to create a purchase contract and we're going to do it from the MLS for anybody that subscribe to my videos from different states or even different countries this will apply only to the Utah real estate real estate purchase contract so when I start out with this by the way I can fill out the purchase contract in dot Lieut if I were to do so I would go to in fact I can probably show you this I would go to dot loop let me search for my test loop see if I can find one not finding my test loop here let's refresh this screen okay now it should find it we'll create a test loop okay so if I want to create an offer with dot loop I come here go to add from templates and again in Utah I've got my buying forms my listing forms but these are only the equity forms okay we have to use the most current forms out there that's a requirement by law and also we can get in trouble with some ethics issues if real we're using outdated forms so make sure you go to the Utah UA our interactive forms and you'll go through here and find the forms that you want and then basically fill them out on top loop I am NOT going to make an offer like that here I just wanted to show you how to do it where to find the forms if you're gonna use that loop I prefer to use the MLS when I'm writing up an offer and I'll show you a couple of reasons here first of all I'm going to go up to forms and create new forms now I can go through here and I can add the forms that I want again personal preference for me it's easier that they've actually classified these as a listing pet forms selling forms or buying agent forms so if I'm making an offer I can jump right down to here whereas in dot loop they're all kind of jumbled together another reason that I like the MLS is that when I go to the form fields they actually expand as much as I need them to whereas with dot loop we only get a type in information that actually fits in that field that's been created for the loop so it's just a little bit more user-friendly here plus when I type in the MLS number and I'll show you how I do this it actually will autofill a bunch of information for me so first of all I want to go down here I want to add my forms in order so I've got my standard realest purchase contract I could have an addendum that's just a normal addendum right here or if it's an FHA VA buyer that I'm gonna be required to use the FHA VA addendum which I'm going to do on this one for right now there's a...